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MoneyFox is a comprehensive financial management application that enables you to keep track of your personal accounts in the most convenient way possible. You can easily view and control how money enters and leaves your account, and calculate the expenses that you run up over the course of a month.

Once you open the application, you'll be able to see all of the movements associated with your various accounts. In fact, one of the best ways to get the information that you need at a glance is by looking at the pie charts that the program produces, which make it easy for you to see where your money is going.

The application allows you to create a number of different user accounts so that it can be used by the whole family. (Additionally, each account may be password-protected.) That way, everyone can manage their finances using the same computer.

MoneyFox is a good management tool that is also very easy to use. Once you add that to the many interesting features that it has, you end up with an excellent application.

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